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About this project

Token sale: Oct 05 — Oct 31
Total supply: 200,000,000 Hdp
Available for sale: 100%
Accepting: USD, BTC and Altcoins
KYC required only for receiving tokens

Public Pre-sale

October 05, 09:43 AM - October 30, 09:43 AM
Sold out

Min purchase: 0.1 ETH

Bonus 30% bonus tokens

Main Sale

October 31, 09:50 AM - November 30, 09:50 AM
Sold out

Min purchase: 0.1 ETH

Bonus 15% bonus tokens


November 30, 09:52 AM - December 22, 09:52 AM

Token price: 0.00909091 ETH - 0.00952381 ETH

Min purchase: 10 ETH

Up to 10 ETH 5% bonus tokens

10 ETH - 100 ETH 5% bonus tokens

100 ETH - 1,000 ETH 7.5% bonus tokens

From 1,000 ETH 10% bonus tokens

Early Bird Pre-sale

July 07, 11:00 PM - August 12, 11:00 PM

Min purchase: 0.01 ETH

Bonus 100% bonus tokens

Private Pre-sale

August 13, 11:00 PM - September 14, 11:00 PM

Min purchase: 0.01 ETH

Bonus 50% bonus tokens


September 15, 11:00 PM - October 31, 12:00 AM

Min purchase: 0.1 ETH

Bonus 30% bonus tokens

About HEdpAY Ltd

HEdpAY's objective is providing fast and convenient solutions for Banking and Fintech, enabling them to transact and operate at any level B2B or B2C in a cost-effective way, integrated within the blockchain system, providing a range of crypto products and traditional banking products.

HEdpAY platform will provide the card and a variety of fintech related services for its users, merchants and agents, who will manage clients and suppliers in line with current regulations and applicable laws; will provide a developed payment system and transfer solutions both profitable, innovative and time-saving, risk-free transactions and fast KYC, compliance systems related to the relationship of crypto wallet withthe bank itself.

With the introduction of innovative methods, advanced payment and transfer technologies, the goal of HEdpAY is to increase the overall quality of business interactions at a global level.

The card and its application platform for transfers and instant payments will be able to operate with reduced time and costs.

HEdpAY will issue reward incentive tokens, which will be converted into currency upon reaching a predetermined number, this will reduce the cost of transactions over time.

Users or members will be able to utilize the card and its applications, to instantly send and receive funds from friends and family all over the world.

Users will have an advantage from joining HEdpAY: through its cards and applications use, they will benefit of the platform to receive their rewards and incentives to be able to spend their gains wherever they are globally.

HEdpAY's platform will be self-sustainable and produce value over time. Furthermore, the company will guarantee sustainability and will provide resources and funds for growth and development with its equity hedge.



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